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Marsh Tacky

The Marsh Tacky is a horse breed native and unique to the South Carolina Lowcountry. Once freely roaming through the marshes, swamps, and beaches, wild Marsh Tackies became the true everyman horse. Settlers, Native American Tribes, and later African Slaves all used the Marsh Tacky for everything from farm chores to hunting. During the Civil War, the Marsh Tackies were exclusively used by Francis Marion, more commonly known in history books as the Swamp Fox, as well as other troops from the Lowcountry.

In modern times, the Marsh Tacky breed is considered one of the most critically endangered horse breeds in the world. Only around four hundred individuals currently exist, but they are known as a calm, smart breed, excellent for almost any use. On many years, the Marsh Tacky Association sponsors a breed-exclusive race along the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island or Daufuski Island. If you visit Lowcountry to see the race, feel free to stop by and visit us in our sales office! We’d love to show you around town.

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