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Jodi Stefanick – Coastal Real Estate Solutions

Jodi Stefanick

Jodi Stefanick, your Beaufort Real Estate professional, is your key to successfully buying or selling your home in Beaufort County. She has enjoyed all Beaufort County has to offer since 2001; first as an admiring vacationer, next for family visits, and now as a proud Beaufort resident.  Jodi understands local market trends and can show you how to find the best deal on your purchase, get top dollar on your sale, or successfully relocate to Beaufort County.
Jodi has a twenty-year professional background in business. She earned her BSBA from the University of Tennessee and her International MBA from the University of South Carolina. As a Real Estate professional, Jodi will combine her experience in consensus building, negotiation, and complex problem solving with her tireless work ethic and compassion to find your perfect Lowcountry home.
She is a member of St. Peter’s Church, the Historic Beaufort Foundation, and the Beaufort Film Society. Jodi stays active in the community and involved with Beaufort’s current events. Her hobbies include teaching water fitness classes and participating in weekly, local line dance events.

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