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Trey Rivers – Coastal Real Estate Solutions

Trey Rivers


Representing Lowcountry homeowners and future homeowners, I am committed to listening to my clients’ needs and utilizing my keen negotiating skills to ensure a smooth successful transaction.

Raised in the Lowcountry, I understand the various intangible benefits of life in the Lowcountry, with its unmatched weather, culture, and diversity. I graduated from University of South Carolina with a degree in Psychology. I then excelled as a service consultant top producer for ten years with OC Welch Ford and presently with Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep for another ten years. I am well-connected and actively involved in the community. My contacts and life-long residency leverage my enthusiasm and expertise, enhancing my client dedication.

I am ready willing and able to help you reach all of your buying or home selling needs. I work with a team of professionals to assist with my clients’ needs. I communicate well and will be right alongside you in every step of the way.

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