Selling your home is a big commitment.  We want to help.

The Selling Process:

CRES takes a strategic approach in the listing, marketing, and selling of your home or property, which has resulted in hundreds of past sales and happy clients.  Our process begins with a detailed property analysis, which includes a CRES team member touring your home with you and assessing its overall strengths and weaknesses according to the latest market trends.

Our next steps include creating an action plan to prepare your home for market and performing a current market analysis to determine the most appropriate pricing (aka: the fair market price). This detailed process is to ensure that we are able to efficiently find a buyer for your home while ensuring you receive the best price possible.  


Analyzing Strengths & Weaknesses:

Every home has unique strengths and weaknesses.  During our walkthrough tour of your home, it’s important to try to disassociate yourself from the fond memories of your home and be as objective as possible about your home’s current state.  Ultimately our goal is to leverage all of the positive aspects and address the challenges in a way that will entice buyers.

Things we keep in mind when pricing homes include:

  • Location and neighborhood desirability
  • Curb appeal and landscaping
  • Condition of major home components, including roof, foundation, windows, heating and ventilation, plumbing, electrical, and flooring.
  • Floor plan popularity
  • The “dated” factor (i.e. kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)
  • “Move-in” readiness

Preparing Your Home for Market

After we’ve worked with you to analyze your home’s strengths and weaknesses, the next step is preparing your home for market.  Even a little time spent preparing your home or property for market can significantly increases the chance of it selling in a timely manner and at an optimum price.  Showcasing your home in move-in condition, coupled with effective staging, will enable buyers to envision themselves living happily in your space.

At this point, we’ve already located any possible repairs your home may need.  The choice will always be yours whether to make changes before your home goes on the market, or simply to disclose them in advance to potential buyers, along with cost-related estimates, but CRES will provide you with an action plan with our recommendations on the following areas:

  • Which pre-listing inspections are needed
  • Important repairs and general improvements
  • Simple solutions for “de-cluttering and depersonalizing” (minimizing excessive furnishings and personal items to improve the look and flow of the home)
  • Easy but effective landscape improvements – even small changes to curb appeal can make a large impact on your final sale price.

Price Determination

Determining a fair market price for your home is essential to a timely sale.  Analyzing your home and determining how you will prep your home for market factor in to the final price determination, as does the local market activity in your neighborhood.  When it’s time to determine the asking price for your home or property, CRES will provide you with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which includes the following:

  • Active, pending, and sold properties within your immediate neighborhood
  • A sample subset of properties that are the most reflective of your home
  • Neighborhood specific trends
  • A market value range
  • A suggested list price
  • Average price per square foot
  • List price vs. sales price in your area

CRES will work with you on a pricing strategy that best fits your needs.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us to discuss our services and receive a no-obligation consultation.

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